Does Your Home Have Cancer

Do you know if private home can have asbestos ceiling tile?

The hazardous waste can be found in your floor tiles, acoustical or ornamental ceiling or wall plaster, insulation, or other items used to build your house. It is essential for you to answer these questions before starting any remodeling jobs. Disturbing any building supplies that contain asbestos will most likely emit asbestos dust into the air where they might be breathed.

This can result in lung cancer and mesothelioma, a deadly type of lung tumor.  When asbestos fibers or dust particles are breathed into the lungs they are going to cause the body to launch immune system cells to its defense. And when the immune systems attempt to destroy those fibers, instead the cells will die.

As the years pass by scar tissue will grow and surround the dead cells, eventually creating so much scar tissue the lungs will stop functioning. It is true that asbestos removal is not cheap, but it is a small price to pay for eliminating this possibility to get an incurable disease.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral which can be found all over the world.

Where is asbestos seen?

It is appear many older houses, schools, and office buildings and can be found in ceiling tile, vinyl flooring, cement, sprayed-on ceiling and wall plaster, textured paints, electrical and heating ducts, blown-in insulation, roof tiles or shingles, sealants, fire-retardant products, and thousands of different items.

Where I can find asbestos ceiling tile in my house?

Asbestos ceiling tile was most often used in ceilings that had been dropped or suspended from the roof asit will allow and create space between the ceiling tiles and the roof which helped lessen noise. Some asbestos ceiling tiles are plainly marked as containing the hazardous mineral and can easily be spotted, whereas others are not. Usually asbestos tiles is in grayish or white colors. Or you can presumed it contains asbestos if the ceiling is made prior to 1981.

If you are going to remodel your ceiling, the best strategy is to have an inspector let you know if it is safe to begin your remodeling job before the remodeling work starts. You can contact the professional asbestos removal contractor ( If your home contains this unsafe material it must either be contained or completely removed.


Japanese Art Decoration

It is not an easy task to decorate any home, apartment or office space, especially if you have an eye for detail. When you realize how much it matters to decorate your space in ways that reflect you, it is even harder. Recently, I have been busy redecorating my office. That my office reflects who I am and that it be a comfortable environment for writing in are very important. After much deliberation, I chose to go with a Japanese art theme for my office.

I have always loved Japanese art but in the past few years, it seems to be getting more popular so that more widely choice are available. I figured it would be an excellent way to decorate a special space that I use for doing endless hours of valuable writing because there is something about the look and feel of Japanese art that I love. About the way I decorated my office, I knew that I need to be intentional. I know that I need to decorate and create my work environment with care because I am very aware of my environment. When I am inspired by my surroundings, I write much better. Japanese art is very inspiring.

In thirft shops and in unique art shops, I began searching for Japanese arts. Start on the internet by searching for Japanese art for anyone who is interested in Japanese art for their home. Make a visit to see if there any specialty shops or chain dealer in your area. It is sometimes hard to really get a feel for the look and color scheme of an art piece without seeing it face to face while you can purchase great pieces of Japanese art off the internet. So in order to search around for Japanese art pieces that fit your style and needs, you are allowed to be picky. see what you like first because there are various kinds and styles of Japanese art that can be purchased.

Their great use of color is where my love for Japanese art hinges on. I love the bold and brilliant hues that most Japanese art is comprised of because I am very much affected by color. By choosing a color scheme that I wanted to decorate with is where I started my search and then I chose pieces according to that scheme.

I have no regrets in choosing Japanese art to be the theme of my office décor and loving it instead. The same way that the Japanese have created such great Japanese art, it inspires me to work hard.

Mesothelioma Treatment

Many methods of medication for mesothelioma even there is no significant rate. Generally, the opportunity to heal for people with mesothelioma depends on the level of cancer’s malignancy. If at the beginning of treatment attacks the cancer cell frontally, maybe there is a possibility to prolong life. Mesothelioma is difficult to diagnose since the very first time of the stadium, a lot of mesothelioma treatments only to increase patient’s quality life.

Based on diagnosing, the doctor will determine the best treatment for the patients by analyzing medical record, age, sex, even weight.  From these analyze the doctor will choose from three most generally treatments that will acceptable to the patient’s conditions. The treatments are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.


Surgery has two types.  The treatment which has a goal to obtain lasting control facing the tumor is aggressive surgery.  The palliative surgery is the surgery which only aims to reduce the pain of the symptoms.

The surgery named Extrapleural Pneumonectomy (EEP) is the surgery which removes cancer from the infected organ of mesothelium. This surgery is exclusive, not every patient is qualified. This EEP is only for patients in the early stadium of cancer.  Many patients of mesothelioma undiagnosed in the early stadium,   they found it too late when cancer achieve stadium 3 or 4.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation has been used for a decade by the doctors for cancer treatment.  Radiation therapy is the aim of killing cancer cells and shrink tumors.  This medication is usable in all stadiums and contraindication minus.  Besides kills cancer cells, radiation also can raise patient’s life expectancy and reduce the pain.


Chemotherapy based on the words chemical therapy is used in treatments to kill cancer cells and blocked them to growth. Many of chemotherapy drugs are applicable for mesotheliomas, such as pemetrexed and cisplatin.  But, new studies prove if those drugs, if integrated with bevacizumab, are more effective in fighting mesothelioma.

Dual therapy

Dual therapy is a treatment of surgery’s combination with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The surgery lifted most of the part cancer cell, while chemotherapy and radiation kill remaining cancer cells. This treatment method is very effective and reduces the symptom of mesothelioma.